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While in Destiny Park, children have  43 activities from all real-life fields, such as: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, arts., entertainment, and many more. And all these are for the young ones to learn, through play, what it means to literally be a grownup, hold responsibilities, manage your own incomes. Each such activity is organized in a specific framework having a financial impact on the child wishing to undertake such activity – he can either earn some MagicBani by providing “labor” or he can actually spend it on buying goods or having fun.

Design and creation studio

Children do not lack imagination, and the “Design and Creation Studio” is the perfect place where everyone can feel like an artist. […]


Sustainable House

The resources of the planet are finite – that is, at some point they run out – so we must take care of them, not waste them and always think about the future, be careful to ensure that those who they come after us enjoy the same resources as us.



Children attending this activity can find out what it means to be a hero and to save lives. First of all, our […]


Aventura Park

A climber’s job can be an actual challenge for many brave children. But, in addition to courage, in order to go through […]



Destiny Park Store is the place where children aged 4 – 14 make decisions without relying on grownups’ advice. In here children […]


Furniture Factory

Even if it may seem hard to believe, we can speak about furniture from the very early age of the Ancient Egypt. […]