Partners ⋆ Destiny Park
Destiny Park is a town built up for children, which aims at providing the latter with such an experience that is as close to the real life of grownups as possible, in the real world. One of the keywords of Destiny Park experience is “authenticity”. In order to build a series of such genuine spaces and experiences for those who wish to learn through playing, we integrate in our project a number of real world organizations, under the form of partnerships with institutions and companies willing to get involved in young children’s education.

An airline company knows the best about how to train the child-pilots. A bank knows the best about how to teach children about savings and investments. Our partners from the industry make children’s experiences possible and, in their turn, they inspire and support the idea of learning through playing.

Taking part in the Destiny Park project in a capacity of a partner means a real direct communication opportunity, by means of which organizations gain an exposure to our visitors, both children and parents. This brings a great contribution to the acknowledgment of a given brand or the clients’ becoming loyal to such brand. Our partners in the business area grant Destiny Park authenticity and in return they get a means of efficient and interactive communication with long-term benefits.

We are open to partnerships with any type of organizations (companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations) and from any field covered by Destiny Park experience.

If you’re interested in how your organization may become one Destiny Park partner, please contact us at: