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While in Destiny Park, children have  43 activities from all real-life fields, such as: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, arts., entertainment, and many more. And all these are for the young ones to learn, through play, what it means to literally be a grownup, hold responsibilities, manage your own incomes. Each such activity is organized in a specific framework having a financial impact on the child wishing to undertake such activity – he can either earn some MagicBani by providing “labor” or he can actually spend it on buying goods or having fun.


All children coming to Destiny Park shall first of all go to the bank in order to turn their coupon into coins […]
Banca Transilvania


Aviation academy

Aviation is the field flaring up many children’s imagination, and a pilot’s job can stand for one amazing experience. Visitors wishing to […]


Chocolate factory

Children attending this particular experiment get inside the delicious world of sweets. The activity starts with the story of chocolate itself. […]


Destiny Park Hospital

Children choosing this field can act as doctors, nurses, technicians and they shall have the opportunity to attend various […]
Regina Maria


Electric cars

Here in Destiny Park, just like in the real world, you also need to have a driving license in order to get […]


Destiny Park Gas Station

Nothing can start moving without fuel, so our visitors choosing this activity have a very important part to play. Destiny Park cars […]


IT and Robotics Workshop

A programmer’s job is attractive to lots of children dreaming to work for famous companies. It is rightfully believed to be one […]


Construction Site

Children choosing to take part in this activity get to know which are the challenges of a constructor’s job. First they learn […]