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While in Destiny Park, children have  43 activities from all real-life fields, such as: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, arts., entertainment, and many more. And all these are for the young ones to learn, through play, what it means to literally be a grownup, hold responsibilities, manage your own incomes. Each such activity is organized in a specific framework having a financial impact on the child wishing to undertake such activity – he can either earn some MagicBani by providing “labor” or he can actually spend it on buying goods or having fun.

TV Studio – Weather

Television is definitely a field which many children dream of. To be in front of the cameras, to have the entire world […]



Children love babies. But what if they can also take care of them as if they have just been born? In the […]



All children coming to Destiny Park shall first of all go to the bank in order to turn their coupon into coins […]
Banca Transilvania


Supermarket – Cashier

Working in a supermarket is quite a challenge for children. Those who choose this particular field should be very careful and responsible. […]


Destiny Park Hospital

Children choosing this field can act as doctors, nurses, technicians and they shall have the opportunity to attend various […]
Regina Maria


TV Studio

The fascinating world behind the screen is disclosed and revealed to children wishing to take part in this particular activity. The experiences […]


The Future of Agriculture

Agriculture is a field without which humanity cannot exist. Being an essential activity for any community, it is unnatural to not be […]


Build your future

A room full of toys can be any child’s dream. Princesses, fairies, ballerinas, elves, trains, planes, dinosaurs, robots or any other fluffy […]