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Destiny Park ambassadors are Romanian children’s idols, elected by the very young ones within sociological research studies. They are the sportsmen, singers, professionals, stars whom children wish to meet and from whom they would like to learn how to plan on a successful career.

Destiny Park ambassadors are also those who endorse our social accountability projects, together with the children. Each ambassador is entitled to selecting a school which shall be “adopted” by Destiny Park, following that its students are to visit the magical town in Baneasa for free.

The school being picked shall also benefit of our donations for the building of a library, as well as from visits from Destiny Park ambassadors, who shall initiate the young children in the secrets of their jobs: tennis players shall offer tennis rackets on our behalf and they shall talk to children about the great tournaments, footballers shall bring balls and tell their stories about their careers, architects shall show their working instruments.
Destiny Park Ambassadors are leaders willing to share their time and experience with the young ones, in order to help them timely discover their destiny and thus, become champions in their own turn.

Destiny Park Ambassadors:

Urania Cremene

Expert in Parenting & Ambasador Destiny Park

Mihai Dedu

Om de Televiziune & Ambasador Destiny Park

Ruxandra Iancu

Medic pediatru Spitalul de Urgență pentru Copii & Ambasador Destiny Park

Titi Aur

Pilot de curse & Ambasador Destiny Park

Iancu Guda

Journalist, Financial expert & Destiny Park Ambasador

Sorin Vladescu

Avocat Tuca Zbarcea și Asociaţii & Ambasador Destiny Park

Bogdan Neagu

Arhitect & Ambasador Destiny Park

Mihai Margineanu

Aviator & Ambasador Destiny Park

Alexandru Grumaz

General al Armatei Române & Ambasador Destiny Park