The Story ⋆ Destiny Park
Role Play

Sofia, Alex, Tommy the cat and Roxette the puppy have created a children’s town in memory of an unforgettable adventure.

How did this magical place come about? Through the miracle of childhood, so you have to find out its story.

The history of Destiny Park begins years ago, when several children eager to discover the amazing nature set off, accompanied by a few experienced adults, on an adventure in the forests on the outskirts of Bucharest. The day seemed to be wonderful for the little explorers.

As soon as they reached a clearing full of colorful flowers and bordered by imposing oaks, they set up the tent and eagerly set foot on the paths.

The children were delighted when they discovered several nests of birds in the trees. The forest resounded with trills, and Sofia, paying attention to everything around her, saw a bird with intense black feathers.

– “What is it?” she wondered aloud.

– “I think it’s a blackbird” Alex said, and the adults agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised to meet a chaffinch or jays. I know for sure that they live in these forests.

It didn’t take long for a fox den to get in their way. They would have really wanted children to see the little redhead, too, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, a family of hedgehogs cut them off just when they expressed their disappointment that forest creatures could not be so easily met.

Encouraged by the surprising appearance, the children began to sing, run and play in the woods. They were happy, but also eager to try something new. Then Sofia came up with an idea. Shee really liked challenges, so she proposed a new game to her friends.

– What would you say if we imagined that we are adults and rule the world, a world just for us that we must find a name for?

– I’d love to, and to make the plan easier, I suggest we imagine that we master everything from above” says Alex. I see myself piloting a plane, taking it up in the air and taking you to the skies.
– Piloting would suit you perfectly, Alex, says Sofia, who saw herself on the plane making plans just like adults. I could even be a co-pilot.

– Let’s see what we need in this city, says the thoughtful Sofia. A hospital, police station and fire brigade must exist in any community. I think I could be a doctor, and you, Alex, you’d do great either as a firefighter or as a cop.

– We would need another school, a kindergarten, a shop, factories, and even a bank, added Alex, who would not shy away from any of these trades.

There must be a sports center and a driving school, says Sofia. I would love to have a car and go to work with it. I would also like to have a place to exercise to keep healthy.

You’re right, Alex replies. I would love a game of football or tennis.

While making plans, time passes unnoticed, and when the sun made room for darkness, the children went to bed. They fell asleep thinking about Sofia’s challenge and everything they imagined. The dreams took them to the town they had built while playing and everyone saw themselves in the place they wanted. The night passed like magic, and dawn began to rise and bathe the meadow in light. Feeling the presence of the sun’s rays, the children woke up full of good cheer. They began to tell each other what they had seen overnight and easily realized that the game had excited everyone, and the world they had talked about so much had taken shape in everyone’s dream.

The children had come to the forest to have fun, but also to discover nature, so after a healthy breakfast they took the paths guided by adults. They didn’t even get far from the tents, because they found a baby crow in a bush that, not knowing how to fly, had not been able to reach the nest. They carefully placed it on a bed which they made themselves from leaves and put some water in the lid of a thermos. Frightened, but also thirsty, the chick dipped its beak in the water fearfully. He quickly gained courage and drank to their heart’s content. The children did not have much time to look at him because his mother immediately came and, encouraging him, helped him get back in the nest. The children recovered their thermos caps and moved on. After a while, they saw a squirrel. They had taken several nuts with them, hoping to meet the little creatures, so great was their delight when the squirrel approached them and accepted the food offered.

As they walked through the forest, they met a very friendly puppy, who immediately joined the group. They decided to name her Roxette and went on their way together. At one point, Roxette started barking. The children stopped and listened intently. A rustle could be heard from the branches of an oak tree. It was a frightened kitten who didn’t know how to get down. Courageously, Alex climbed the tree and brought down the little cat, who was trembling with fear. Sofia took him it in her arms, stroked her, caressed her until the kitten began to feel at ease. The cat also joined the group and was named Tommy.

Wherever the children went, they showed their skill, kindness and care for nature. At one point, they found some debris thrown randomly at the root of a tree. They knew right away what to do. Saddened by the suffering tree, they gathered the trash in a bag that they took with them to throw in the trash cans when they met one.

The road through the forest had not completely driven from their minds the dream of having a world of their own in which everyone could play the role of a skilled and responsible adult.

As they were near the airport, a plane flew right over them. Their imaginations quickly ignited and they began to talk enthusiastically about the town they would run, which must have an airport. When he heard how excitedly and enthusiastically the children talked about their dream, one of the parents, a professional pilot, called them to visit the airport the very next day. A shout of joy echoed in the woods and the children began to hop happily. They returned to the clearing in which they had set up their tents, packed all their luggage, and set out for home as happily as possible.

With butterflies in their stomachs, the next day they all met at the airport gate. The visit turned out to be much more spectacular than expected because the little ones were even boarded a plane with which they flew over the forest. Nothing compares to the exaltation experienced by children when they reached the top. From there, their little town seemed to unfold before their eyes. It was beautiful, colorful, neat, and had everything people needed. It had a hospital, a school, a shop, even a bank, a fire department, a police station, a driving school and much more.

Alex, Sofia and all the other children could not forget such an adventure and such a bold dream. For them, but also for all the curious and brave children, the small town appeared where the little ones experience dozens of trades, the place where the world is in the hands of children.

Come to Destiny Park to follow your dreams, to see, while playing, what it’s like to be in a universe just like the adults, to be happy when no obstacle will stand in your way and you will be able to face any challenge!