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Destiny Park – A world run by children!

Join the Destiny Park team!

Destiny Park is located in  Băneasa commercial area, at no. 8, Ion Zăvoi street.

Destiny Park is the first edutainment center in Romania and Eastern Europe and it is destined for children between 4 and 14 years old.

It is a miniature city where the vocations, talents and passions of the little ones are observed by education specialists. Everything is designed to discover in advance what could be the areas in which they will excel over the years, to understand their destiny while playing in a park dedicated only to them.

Aviators, doctors, TV presenters, bankers, pilots, firefighters, cooks, builders, policemen – a whole world lies at the feet of children in this magical place, created by us, for their future. Parents can relax shopping in Băneasa Shopping Center or relax at our cafe where the books in the library can keep them company.

Basically, the children enter various spaces in Destiny Park where, together with our animators, they will have 15-20 minutes to experience a certain profession.

If you like working with children and want to get involved in a revolutionary project for Romania, join with us!