Destiny Park Economy ⋆ Destiny Park

MagicBani: fun, work, earnings

Destiny Park is a town having its own strong economy, a town whose prosperity is built up by each and every child coming here. And, just like any strong economy, Destiny Park has its own bank and its own currency.

Destiny Park economy concept is thus designed so that each child can learn, through the experience acquired as a consequence of learning through playing, both the basic elements of an economic cycle or the those of money exchange for instance, for goods and services, and the labor ethics and value.

The city bank is the Destiny Park Branch powered by Banca Transilvania, and the Destiny Park currency is called MagicBan. It is the currency in which children are paid for the “work” done in play and which they can use to pay, in turn, for certain activities.
Upon entering the city, children receive a check for 50 or 100 MagicBani (for the standard 3.5-hour ticket they receive 50 MagicBani, and for the All Day ticket they receive 100 MagicBani, which they get physically from the bank.

What can you do with MagicBanii(Magic Money)?

  • You can spend them. Some fun activities in Destiny Park are paid in MagicBani.
  • You can earn them. Once you’ve spent the MagicMoney you received upon entry, you’ll need more, just like in the world of big men. And, just like in the world of big men, money is earned through work. That’s why you have the option to have a job in one of the paid activities. You can be a doctor, commercial worker, pharmacist, farmer, engineer, news anchor, etc.
  • You can take them home and use them next time, or you can donate them and we turn them into tickets for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.