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MagicCoins: fun, work, earnings.

Destiny Park is a town having its own strong economy, a town whose prosperity is built up by each and every child coming here. And, just like any strong economy, Destiny Park has its own bank and its own currency.

Destiny Park economy concept is thus designed so that each child can learn, through the experience acquired as a consequence of learning through playing, both the basic elements of an economic cycle or the those of money exchange for instance, for goods and services, and the labor ethics and value.

Bon valoric

The central bank of this town is called MagicBank, and the Destiny Park currency is called MagicCoin. Here in Destiny Park, each and every child earns MagicCoins for the “labor” he/she provides while playing and he/she shall spend it on some “really serious” fun deals. Upon entering the town, children get a value coupon (cheque) of 50 MagicCoins, which they physically get from MagicBank, where the town currency is kept in “treasury” in coins of 1, 5, 10 and 20 units each. At the same time with the MagicCoins they also get one ChocolateCoin.

What can you do with your MagicCoins?

  • Well, you can very well spend it. Any product and fun in Destiny Park gets paid in MagicCoins.
  • You can also earn it. Once you’ve spent your 50 MagicCoins you get on entry, you’ll need some more, just in the real grownups’ world. And again similar as in the grownups’ world, money is earned through labor. That’s why, you have the option of getting “hired and engaged” in one of the paid role-play activities, such as: doctor, fireman, car mechanic, clothing designer, etc.
  • You can also save your money in your own account opened with MagicBank, and also multiply it. That’s how you learn what it means to make money deposits in a bank, check your account balance and, especially, earning some interest upon any such deposit. With the MagicCoins earned under the form of interest, you can later on during the day you spend in Destiny Park, lots of goods or fun deals that have a higher fee.
  • You can also pay taxes and fees. Some of such taxes are to be withheld from the “wages” you get as a result of your play-work, and you shall get the chance to personally pay the other taxes at the town tax office. Thus, you’ll learn on the role played by taxes and fees in a community life.
  • Or you can make a donation. Destiny Park children help each other and they help the ones in need in the real world. We support humanitarian causes of children in the real world, and donations may be made by children in MagicCoins and in ChocolateCoins as well. Destiny Park shall see for such donations to get to children in real money.

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