What is Destiny Park? ⋆ Destiny Park

What is Destiny Park?

We welcome you friends to Destiny Park! The place where children actually rule the entire world!

Aviators, doctors, TV show presenters, bankers, pilot, firemen, cooks, builders, policemen – an entire world laying down at children’s feet in this magical place especially designed for their future. This is the wonderful town where young children’s vocations, talents and passions are duly observed by education specialists. And all that for the timely discovery of which might be the fields where children are going to outdo themselves in the future, in order to better understand their destiny while they keep on playing in a huge intelligence park. Parents can have their moment of relaxation doing their shopping in Baneasa shopping center, they can watch a move in Grand Cinema or they can unwind in our coffee shop where our library books can keep them company. Also, football fans can watch their matches in any world championship. The little ones shall be in our specialists’ and story characters’ care.

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