Destiny Park - The place where children actually rule the entire world!

The Story

Sofia, Alex, Tommy the Cat and Roxette puppy are founding a children’s town as a reminder of one unforgettable adventure.

In order to better understand how this magical place has come into being, we have to tell you the actual story. The story behind Destiny Park. Many years ago, a group of young daring people accompanied by some guides left on a trip in the woods at the outskirts of Bucharest. They had the time of their lives and since they were so tired, they fell asleep. Grownups had gone fishing and the wind which started all of a sudden had taken their boat and drifted it far from the shore. Now our young people were on their own. They just had to manage by themselves, literally survive and get back to Bucharest.


What is Destiny Park?

Destiny Park – The first edutainment park in Romania and the largest in Eastern Europe is located in Băneasa. Urania Cremene is the parenting expert who designed the experiences for children.

Destiny Park is aimed at children between 3 and 14 years old and is a miniature universe where the little ones can be adults for a few hours or a day, having the jobs of grown-ups and getting paid in Magic Money. All under the concept of edutainment, i.e. learning through play.

How does Magic Destiny City work?

As they enter the park, it is explained to both children and parents that in this magical little town things happen exactly like in real life, only that here it is the children who have various roles and responsibilities, not the adults. That’s why we say Destiny Park is the place where the world is ruled by children.

As in any city, country or organization, in Destiny Park we have rules that both adults and children must follow. Rules are, for children, part of the learning process. At the same time, they are necessary for the proper functioning of the park and a nice experience for all our visitors.

What should children and adults know when they come to Destiny Park?

  • Children receive a check at the entrance with which they go to the Destiny Park Agency powered by Banca Transilvania. Basically, the first way kids go, once they enter Magic Destiny City, is to the Bank. This is how they begin to learn the economy of the park and pay attention to the activities around them, just like in real life.
  • At the Bank, based on the Check, children receive 50 or 100 Magic Money, depending on the ticket purchased. There are activities where children pay with Magic Money and activities where they are paid with Magic Money. What do children learn in this step? That to have fun you have to pay with Magic Money, and when you work you are rewarded with a salary, also in Magic Money.
  • Attention! Once inside the park, children do not need real money to enter the experience spaces, only MagicBani! Magic Money is a convention, the currency of the park and comes in 1, 5, 10 and 20 notes, with the 4 Destiny Park mascots – Tommy, Roxette, Alex and Sofia – as central characters.
  • Parents do not participate in activities with children. The concept of edutainment and the concept of the park in general are based on the idea that any child can independently do the learning and play activities in Destiny Park. We encourage learning through play and experimentation and the development of children in a harmonious, independent way.
  • An activity lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Children can repeat any of the experiences provided they exit when the activity time is up and repeat the entire process: waiting (if applicable), wristband scanned, paid with Magic Money (also if applicable), equipped, etc.
  • Children can choose any activity they want during the time spent in the park (3.5 hours for the standard ticket or all day for the all day pass). By observing their passions and concerns over time, the choices in the park can give direction to children’s professional inclinations, and why not, we can help them, together, discover their destiny.


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