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Regina Maria

The human body works like a perfect machine. Each organ has its well-established role and performs its functions in close connection with the others. Children who want to enter the Surgery Department play the role of surgeons and, with the help of a human mannequin, see what we humans look like inside. Visitors get basic information about the main organs – what size they are, what they look like, where they are located, what functions they perform, how they interact and how we can protect them from diseases. For 20 minutes, while an activity lasts, children feel like they are in a real surgery room with equipment and challenges commensurate with the job.

Financial impact: +10 MagicBani
Age: Surgery: +3 years old
Values, as learnt: accountability, solidarity, patience, awareness, labor ethics.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, motor skills, focus, cooperation, ability to take decisions.