The Future of Agriculture ⋆ Destiny Park

The Future of Agriculture


Agriculture is a field without which humanity cannot exist. Being an essential activity for any community, it is unnatural to not be inside this child-led universe. People have been interested in agriculture since the beginning of time, when, in addition to the huts where they lived, they planted the seeds that ensured their daily living. Making a huge leap we come to the present day and see how agriculture feeds the entire planet. In their age-specific curiosity, children can participate in an experience that will give them the joy of seeing how, with care, skill and patience, the berries turn into ready-to-harvest plants. Children who choose to participate in this activity have the chance to take part in the magic through which the earth bears fruit year after year.

Financial impact: +8 Magic Bani
Age: +4 years
Learned Values: diligence, perseverance, passion
Acquired skills: motor skills, communication, involvement, orientation thowards results.