MagicBank ⋆ Destiny Park


Banca Transilvania

All children coming to Destiny Park shall first of all go to the bank in order to turn their coupon into coins (the `cheque`) in the amount of 50 MagicCoins, as they got upon entering the town through the “airport”. However, once they get inside the world of amazing number transactions, children get precious advice on how money works in Destiny Park world as well as in the real world; they learn to make savings, but also they learn how to invest. Moreover, they are guided into how to open an account and thus, they get 5 MagicCoins. The ones stopping at the bank to provide some “labor” may also be economists, advisors, consultants, cashiers, they may take part in or attend bank transactions.

Financial impact: Client: – // Bank employee: +5 MagicCoins
Age: Client: +4 years old// Bank employee: +8 years old
Values being learnt: intelligence, wisdom, accountability, honesty, integrity.
Skills duly acquired: communication skills, attention to details, mathematical skills, results – focus orientation, analytical thinking.