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Build your future


A room full of toys can be any child’s dream. Princesses, fairies, ballerinas, elves, trains, planes, dinosaurs, robots or any other fluffy animals or figurines, the little ones can find all these here in the wonderful universe of toys. And yet, what was the first toy in this world? And how are these fantastic play partners made? Well now, the answers are got by those coming to the Toys Factory and choose to reliable partners of our specialists here. As much as they are fun, toys are also important for developing children’s intelligence and perspicacity. In here the little ones have an opportunity to put their creativity to the test and make their own toys.

Financial impact: + 8 MagicCoins
Age: +4 years old
Values, as learnt: creativity, communication, generosity, attention, will, imagination, determination.
Skills, as duly acquired: perspicacity, motor skills, speech and language development, sociability.