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Construction Site

Children choosing to take part in this activity get to know which are the challenges of a constructor’s job. First they learn how to figure out the plan for a given construction, and then each of them gets his own place as part of a team. Wearing a safety helmet on their heads, children find out how a hand cart is used, what the various measuring devices are doing, so that in the end, they are able to build a wall out of bricks. Controllers make sure all safety measures have been taken, and they also check the status of the works. Any eventual disorders are reported to superiors.

Financial impact: Controller: +10 MagicCoins // Constructor: +8 MagicCoins
Age: Controller: +6 years old // Constructor: +4 years old
Values as learnt: accountability, courage, self confidence, respect, solidarity, professional ethics.
Skills, as acquired: motor skills, focus, cooperation, setting up the goals and the objectives, communication, analytical thinking, creativity.