Sports arena – football / tennis / gymnastics ⋆ Destiny Park

Sports arena – football / tennis / gymnastics


Sports should play an active part in any child’s life, being essential for one harmonious development. In Destiny Park, those who for instance may wish to fill the adrenaline of a real football match, have to try this very activity. Experienced coaches are there for the children ready to teach them all the basic moves and tricks in order to be as good as they can in the field. Tennis performance has made lots of children wish to become champions. In Destiny Park, young sportsmen are explained the rules as well as some of the techniques. We don’t forget about gymnastics, which is a sport that for many years has brought Romania on the champions list and which has been an inspiration for the generations along the years. Whether you choose your football snickers, or your tennis rackets, or maybe your gym suit to perform on the ground, you’ll have your fun guaranteed.

Financial impact: -10 MagicBani
Age: +3 years old
Values, as learned: determination, perseverance, passion, cooperation, dedication.
Skills, as duly acquired: motor skills, attention, reaction speed, result-oriented, setting up goals and objectives.