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Recycling Center – For a better future


What do we do with plastic bottles that we no longer use? Or with the bags we returned from shopping or how can we reuse the cardboard box from which we drank a yogurt? Children need to receive not only answers, but also examples to follow anywhere. Visitors who choose this activity are “recycling workers” and have the opportunity to bring back to life the objects that, unfortunately, we see thrown everywhere. The children who “work” at the Recycling Center have an extremely important role, being the ones who, through what they do, put their part in to the rescue of the planet. Specifically, they prepare plastic recipients, cardboard boxes and other packaging for recycling. Sophisticated machines then take the chopped pieces from the appliances and reshape them. Children can be proud that, thanks to them, all these objects end up being useful again instead of being thrown away, destroying nature. In addition, visitors who choose to “work” here find interesting explanations for the difficult disintegration of these materials into the environment. Children thus receive an important lesson in responsibility and respect for the planet, values ​​that should accompany them throughout their lives. Because they do such an important job, the reward is worth it.

Financial impact: +8 MagicBani
Age: +3 years
Learned values: responsibility, respect for the environment, collaboration, curiosity.
Acquired skills: communication, self-confidence, ability to work in a team, motor skills.