Neonatology ⋆ Destiny Park


Children love babies. But what if they can also take care of them as if they have just been born? In the Neonatology Ward, visitors have the opportunity to attempt to do the job of a medical nurse. The “babies” are placed in their beds and they need to be fed, to have their diapers changed and to be clothed. With patience and care, children are guided step by step in these activities by the employee who supervises the experience. The children will see how they have to behave with a baby, what is the correct position to elevate a bed, the right temperature for the milk that the baby receives and so on and so forth.

Financial impact: +10 MagicBani
Age: +3 years old
Role: medical nurse
Values learned: dedication, delicacy, responsibility, solidarity, awareness, work ethic.
Acquired skills: communication, collaboration, cooperation, result orientation.