Pizza ⋆ Destiny Park


It’s delicious, children absolutely adore it and it’s almost every party’s queen dish. It comes from Italy where it has been made ever since 997. With its dough made of integral wheat, full of vegetables and various kinds of meat, or even fish, its taste is so appealing for children and literally attracts them as a magnet. Those who choose this activity have the chance to make their own slice of pizza. They can choose their ingredients (always fresh and of good quality) so that in the end they can say that’s one perfect pizza! They won’t be alone while making their pizza. Pizza chefs are there at their disposal so that your little ones can bring their “work” to a close. This is one experience that children shall pay by MagicBani.

Financial impact: -50 MagicBani
Age: +3 years old
Values, as learnt: collaboration, accountability, self-assuredness, patience, inventiveness.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, motor skills, orientation towards results, the ability to work within a given team, determination.