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While in Destiny Park, children have  43 activities from all real-life fields, such as: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, arts., entertainment, and many more. And all these are for the young ones to learn, through play, what it means to literally be a grownup, hold responsibilities, manage your own incomes. Each such activity is organized in a specific framework having a financial impact on the child wishing to undertake such activity – he can either earn some MagicBani by providing “labor” or he can actually spend it on buying goods or having fun.

Secret agents training center

Action movie scenes where spies manage to overturn bad plans are definitely there in many children’s minds. Those who choose this experience […]


Visual and supervisory center

Children choosing this activity shall have the important mission of supervising everything that’s happening in Destiny Park. The surveillance cameras and the […]


Destiny Park Hotel

Children, just as much as grownups, just love going on holidays. And yet, how would it be like if they had tried […]



Children dreaming of being heroes and investigating bad guys find their place in this particular activity. Young aged visitors choosing this experience […]


TV Studio – Weather

Television is definitely a field which many children dream of. To be in front of the cameras, to have the entire world […]


Destiny Park Gas Station

Nothing can start moving without fuel, so our visitors choosing this activity have a very important part to play. Destiny Park cars make no exception and they also need gas and diesel.


Telecommunications Center

Children are fascinated by new technologies, and the fact that they have access to all kinds of devices ignites their imagination even […]