Telecommunications Center ⋆ Destiny Park

Telecommunications Center

Children are fascinated by new technologies, and the fact that they have access to all kinds of devices ignites their imagination even more. In general, the curiosity of the little ones has no limits, and when it comes to sophisticated devices, the questions pop-up more than in any other field. At the Destiny Park Telecommunications Center, children enter a fascinating world and have the opportunity to take part in the sophisticated technological process by which telecommunications networks transmit images and sounds so that a device no larger than a palm manages to reach us. Bring your loved ones close or give the little ones their favorite cartoon. Curious people who choose this activity receive the basics about the remote transmission of sound and data, then move on to “work”. They can be “telecommunications specialists” who “work” in the control room. Another category is “field engineers” who have the opportunity to repair a malfunction on the mobile phone antenna in Destiny Park. In the end, they all become “telecommunications experts”, rewarded for their “work”.

Financial impact: Telecommunications specialist: + 8 MagicBani // Field engineer: + 10 MagicBani
Age: Telecommunications Specialist: +4 years // Field Engineer: +140 cm height (No age limit)
Learned values: responsibility, wisdom, curiosity, intelligence, study, courage, fairness
Acquired skills: ability to work in a team, setting goals, results orientation, tenacity, collegiality.