Secret agents training center ⋆ Destiny Park

Secret agents training center

Action movie scenes where spies manage to overturn bad plans are definitely there in many children’s minds. Those who choose this experience have the chance to take part in special training sessions that are similar to those undertaken by real secret agents. The activity is designed for children; therefore the difficulty degree is duly adjusted to their age. After getting to know what a secret agent’s missions are, the challenges begin. Children get inside a room that’s crossed by lasers and they have to get out of there without touching the light fascicules. Then they get to the vortex tunnel which requires lots of attention and which teaches them how to maintain their balance and after that there is the spider web and so many other interesting experiences.

Financial impact: -20 MagicCoins
Age: +6 years old
Values, as learnt: accountability, courage, self-confidence, respect, ability to work within a given team, determination.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication, motor skills, focus, orientation towards results, reaction speed.