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Content creators

Children nowadays are believed to be much more determined, more accountable and open to everything that’s new. And there’s no wonder about that! They’ve been born while being surrounded by technology, and social networks and video channels are not at all strange to them. Being content creator is a dream for a lot of children. From the very early days of their getting teenagers they feel a strong wish to stand out and to share with everyone else everything they’re doing and browsing on the Internet. Those who wish to have a taste of what the miracle of video channels is all about can choose this activity. They will learn how to create video and photo contaent, and also they have a podcast zone, all with Samsung technology.

Financial impact: -8 MagicCoins
Age: +7
Values, as learnt: accountability, professional ethics, respect, creativity.
Skills, as duly acquired: cooperation, communication, curiousness, focus, tech skills