Roxette Kindergarten ⋆ Destiny Park

Roxette Kindergarten


Heroine Roxette takes the smallest visitors to the world of colors, fruits, geometric figures and numbers. The games and activities are designed in this space to spark the interest and curiosity of children who are up to 3 years old and cannot participate in any of the experiences in the park. We thought this space especially for families who have several children, of different ages, in such a way that while the big brothers enter the activities in the park, the little ones have a space to stay.

At this age, play plays an essential role in the child’s development, be it emotional, cognitive or physical. Through games, little ones experience and learn about the world around them.

Financial impact: Free activity
Age: 0-3 years old
Values, as learnt: communication, generosity, attention, will, imagination.
Skills, as duly acquired: motor skills, language development, emotional development.