Police department ⋆ Destiny Park

Police department

Children choosing to experiment this particular activity shall live the adventure of one action movie. First of all, the young policemen find out from specialists which are the responsibilities and duties falling under a real policeman’s duty. Then, together with these specialists, the study the files where there are incidents and they start searching for criminals. They collect evidence, ask questions to a number of witnesses and write down all the data in a report which they later submit to the “Criminalistic Investigation” unit. In another event, for instance, if one notifies the existence of any suspicious package, then the policemen take immediate measures and evacuate the area. They are the ones providing for the peace and security of those visiting and “work” playing in Destiny Park.

Financial impact: +5 MagicCoins
Age: +4 years old
Values, as learnt: accountability, integrity, solidarity, courage, respect, labor ethics.
Skills, as duly acquired: cooperation, communication, attention to details, investigation skills, decision making skills, orientation towards results.