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Destiny Park is getting built up right for you! This is the place where children rule the entire world!

It’s that magical place created by children, where they can be aviators, doctors, TV show presenters, bank business men, pilots or firemen – and a bunch lot more. This is the wonderful town where young people’s vocations, talents and passions are analyzed by our education specialists so as to timely discover which might be the fields that they are to outdo themselves in.

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The Story

Sofia, Alex, Tommy the Cat and Roxette puppy are founding a children’s town as a reminder of one unforgettable adventure.

In order to better understand how this magical place has come into being, we have to tell you the actual story. The story behind Destiny Park. Many years ago, a group of young daring people accompanied by some guides left on a trip in the woods at the outskirts of Bucharest. They had the time of their lives and since they were so tired, they fell asleep. Grownups had gone fishing and the wind which started all of a sudden had taken their boat and drifted it far from the shore. Now our young people were on their own. They just had to manage by themselves, literally survive and get back to Bucharest.