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Destiny Theater School

Children between 6 and 14 years old now have the right place to develop their creativity, personality and talent. At Destiny Theater School we have built 3 learning modules and each module lasts 1 month. Modules can be purchased one at a time or all at once, the purchase of one module is not conditioned on the purchase of all.

Module 1 Introduction to acting games
Module 2 Improvisation and development
Module 3 Creating a theater performance

The price is 790 lei/month, and the first course is free.

Registration and more details by phone 0755389268.

The courses are supported by actors with skills in the psycho-pedagogical area and experience in working with children.

General skills that children acquire in our acting courses:

  • developing self-confidence
  • spontaneity
  • creativity
  • emotional intelligence
  • physical coordination and use of non-verbal language in expression
  • team work
  • capitalizing on elements of general and artistic culture
  • development of communication skills
  • the ability to adapt to different situations or people
  • developed spontaneous decision-making capacity
  • development of critical thinking
  • developing active and distributive attention
  • development of creative problem solving factors
  • developing empathy and tolerance
  • developing capacities for conscious management of affective factors

To these competences are added the competences specific to each module. From the intuitive identification of some basic elements in theatrical interaction, the use of some basic notions from the language specific to the theater, to creative expression in various stage situations, by exploring personal qualities within Module 1.

In Module 2, children will work on the development of imagined stage situations, capitalizing on improvisational games and the creation of new stage situations, calling on spontaneous reactions.

Having reached Module 3, the children will practice roles in stage situations, understanding the stages of the construction process of stage moments, they will develop theater scenarios and carry out an educational theater project, using various means of artistic expression.