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Medical optics


That’s the place reached first of all by children wishing to get their driving license. Without such an ophthalmological checkup, just like in grownups’ world, the precious driving license just cannot get into any child’s pocket. The young ones are welcome here by specialized personnel who, in addition to performing the required checkup, also provide them with relevant information on eye health. For instance, children learn how dangerous TV sets, computers and gadgets are, especially if used on a long term basis. The young ones also learn how sleeping helps the eyes and keeps them healthy. Here in medical optics we also welcome those visitors who don’t necessary need a driving license but who wish to learn more about how to keep their eyes healthy.

Financial impact: Examination: -5 MagicCoins / -1 ChocoCoin // Ophthalmologist +8 MagicCoins
Age: Examination: +120 centimeters // Ophthalmologist: +6 years old
Values, as learnt: accountability, focus, patience, curiousness.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication, attention to details, determination, attention.