Fashion House ⋆ Destiny Park

Fashion House

The fascinating world of fashion is opening its doors to children visiting Destiny Park. Those choosing to take part in this activity may, in turn, play the part of models or photographers. Visitors shall first of all go through make-up room, then they choose their outfits that best match their style. Children learn from specialists in the field how they should walk on the catwalk and what is the most adequate attitude in a fashion show. Once the lessons are learnt, the young ones shall have a show on the stage of Destiny Park stage. Photographers shall learn how to handle a professional camera, how to find the best angles and the best light in order for models to be actually glamorous.

Financial impact: +8 MagicCoins
Age: +4 years old
Values, as learnt: talent, spontaneity, creativity.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, creativity, teamwork, attention to details.