The universe of smartphones ⋆ Destiny Park

The universe of smartphones

The telephone is indispensable in the life of any child. Equipped with the most diverse applications, the phone, which has become smart in our times, is no longer just the device that connects with someone far away. With high-performance cameras that can take pictures even underwater, with high-class audio systems, with the ability to access the Internet and store images, music and even movies, it’s no wonder that children and young people enjoy it. And if they keep using it every day, kids at Destiny Park have a chance to get into the “mind” of a smartphone. In this experience, the visitors are the “specialists” who give life to the phones, make them “smart”, adapt them to the market requirements. Specifically, children can create here the phones they consider perfect. In addition, questions such as “What makes him so special?”, “How can he perform so many functions?”, “How can he have an “elephant” memory?” to see us and help us communicate with our loved ones in our turn? They find answers. And curiosity intertwined with “work” is rewarded, just like in the adult world.

Financial impact: Smartphone specialist: + 10 MagicBani
Age: +4 years
Learned values: responsibility, curiosity, intelligence, study
Acquired skills: ability to work in a team, setting goals, results orientation, tenacity, collegiality.