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Technology Center

In a world where we have to deal with technology every single minute of our lives, this field is no longer a secret for our children. Design, electronics, high-tech 3D printers, all of these are available to our visitors who wish to enter behind the scenes of smart devices. How they’re made up, how it is possible that by just one simple click you can get to the other side of the world, or by what means we manage to program various electronic household devices, to make them work, how and when we want them to? These are just few of the questions children will get answers to. During this experience the young ones shall act as engineers, and upon completing the activity they shall be granted a certificate of attendance.

Financial Impact: +5 MagicCoins
Age: Design engineer: +8 years old// Manufacturing and electronics engineers: +6 years old
Values, as learnt: curiousness, focus, accountability, self confidence, awareness.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication, motor skills, analytical thinking, research, setting up goals and objective.