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Rope access

Courage, attention, dexterity stand for the three qualities which should be possessed by every child who may wish to try the experience of working in the rope access field. This job can be an extraordinary challenge for those who want to go beyond their limits, just as much as for those wishing to overcome their fears. Being literally at heights, supported by straps is one unforgettable experience. And if we come to think of how quick the buildings dressed up in glass appear, washing the windows from tens of meters above can be one very searched for job. And it is here, in Destiny Park where children get the opportunity to learn the most known and impressive residential or office buildings in Bucharest. The young ones shall first of all learn some important safety measures, such as how to act when being held by straps, in high places, as well as how to “do their job” when they are strapped like that. Once the tasks, which are to be established subject to age and skills, are completed, children get their “wages”, just like it happens in our grownups’ world.

Financial impact: -15 MagicCoins / -1 ChocoCoin
Age: +140 cm height (no age limit).
Values, as learnt: responsibility, solidarity, courage, self – assuredness, patience.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication, motor skills, physical development, movement coordination, focus, setting up goals, analytical thinking, orientation towards results, determination.