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Rail transport

How dows a train move and what makes this technology more environmentally friendly than the others? These are just two of the questions that come up in children’s minds. „Movement” is the word that defines our times, but children must learn to choose the most appropriate way to move.

Trains are, of course, the ideal option when we want to protect the environment. Trains are the most environmentally friendly way to travel, given that the greenhouse gas emissions per kilometer in rail transport is 80% lower than for cars. The children who choose this experience can fill the important positions of a locomotive mechanic or a revisor to make sure everything works perfectly and the passengers are safe. A work-play activity that brings MagicCoins to their visitors and also an unforgettable experience.

Financial impact: Locomotive mechanic + 10 MagicCoins // Locomotive revisor + 8 MagicCoins // Traveler + 6 MagicCoins
Age required: Locomotive mechanic + 6 years // Locomotive revisor + 6 years // Locomotive traveler + 4 years
Values learned: responsibility, courage, trust, patience, professional ethics, attention
Skills acquired: concentration skills, motor skills, communication, setting and achieving goals