Power Plant – Engineer in the solar energy area ⋆ Destiny Park

Power Plant – Engineer in the solar energy area

Within this activity, visitors can find answers to all their curiosities. Tin City is a very special city and the children who “work” here have an important role. They are engineers or specialists, but they can also carry out certain activities depending on their age, not only on their preferences.
One of the resources that the universe provides to us is solar energy. In a modern city like Tin City we use new technologies for maximum efficiency. Because we have to adapt to the children’s age, an interactive floor will help the little ones understand what solar energy means and how it is produced.
This area inside the Power Plant is strongly connected to the other activities carried out here. (See Power Plant pages – natural gas specialist and Power Plant – electricity grids design engineer).
*This activity is in progress of being developed!

Financial impact: +8 MagicBani
Age: +4
Role: engineer, solar energy field (INTERACTIVE FLOOR)
Values learned: intelligence, wisdom, responsibility, curiosity, study.
Acquired skills: motor skills, ability to work in a team, establishing goals, orientation to results.