Photo studio ⋆ Destiny Park

Photo studio

Children wishing to try an experience under the spotlights can definitely choose the photo studio. Professionals welcome children here and help them find out how a photo session is run. Those wishing to act as models shall learn all kinds of tricks in order to become more photogenic, and they also learn how to choose their outfits that best match each one of them. And children wishing to test a photographer’s job have everything they need here to conduct one photo session. Professionals’ advice, which is addressed in a language that is adequate to children’s age, shall help our young visitors who choose the camera to take the best photos ever.

Financial impact: +10 MagicCoins
Age: Photographer: +6 years // Model: +4 years
Values, as learnt: respect, collegiality, creativity, accountability, labor ethics, self-confidence.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, motor skills, attention to details.