Icecream factory ⋆ Destiny Park

Icecream factory

Icecream is definitely a dessert that’s loved and desired by all children. And when it’s actually made by them the pleasure of tasting it gets double. With either vanilla, or chocolate, with fruits or caramel, with or without any topping, with nuts and so many others there are numberless recipes available for children ready to be tasted and savored. However, nobody starts working until thoroughly washing his/her hands. They then shall select the flavors, pouring them into matrices and, just like that, the icecream is ready. In the end they can definitely take their favorite icecream at home, which they shall pay for by… MagicCoins.

Financial impact: -12 MagicCoins
Age: +4 years old
Values, as learnt: accountability, self-confidence, cooperation, patience.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, motor skills, orientation to results, ability to work within a given team.