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While in Destiny Park, children have more than 50 activities from all real-life fields, such as: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, arts., entertainment, and many more. And all these are for the young ones to learn, through play, what it means to literally be a grownup, hold responsibilities, manage your own incomes. Each such activity is organized in a specific framework having a financial impact on the child wishing to undertake such activity – he can either earn some MagicCoins by providing “labor” or he can actually spend it on buying goods or having fun.


Children dreaming of being heroes and investigating bad guys find their place in this particular activity. Young aged visitors choosing this experience […]


Beauty salon

It is known that from an early age girls want to be brilliant, and boys want to be beautiful. Here, at the […]


Telecommunications Center

Children are fascinated by new technologies, and the fact that they have access to all kinds of devices ignites their imagination even […]


Recycling Center

What do we do with plastic bottles that we no longer use? Or with the bags we returned from shopping or how […]


Cereal factory

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. And milk cereals are the perfect combination […]


Skin care center

Skin care creams help us keep our largest organ healthy. The skin is our contact with the outside world and receives special […]


Design and creation studio

Children do not lack imagination, and the “Design and Creation Studio” is the perfect place where everyone can feel like an artist. […]