Disco ⋆ Destiny Park


The entire dance ring is for the children choosing this particular experience. Right here, activities are carried out on two levels. Children shall either enter the world of staves, so as to enjoy the music, or they dance as they like, and they let themselves to the tide of various rhythms, or they can take part in various dance lessons. For those preferring to learn, there are several professional dancers willing to show them various steps so that later on the choreography works are to be presented on stage. Also, it’s again in here that those dreaming to become singers find their place. A microphone as well as one high quality audio system Karaoke device are available for all our future performers.

Financial impact: Dancers (attending the lessons): +5 MagicCoins // Singers: +5 MagicCoins
Age: Dancers: +4 years old // Singers: +6 years old
Values, as learnt: respect, courage, self-confidence, creativity, collegiality, focus.
Skills, as duly acquired: communication skills, sense of rhythm, attention to details, coordination skills.