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Destiny Park Puffs Factory

What child doesn’t want to munch on the everlasting puffs?

Ce copil nu își dorește să ronțăie cât mai des pufuleții care par să existe dintotdeauna? Crispy and at the same time fluffy, puffs seem to be the favorite snack of children all over the world. The slightly salty taste is irresistible to anyone, even to adults who remember them from childhood. Those with cheese aroma are also among the most appreciated snacks, no matter what continent we are talking about. And, if years ago there were only a few types of powders, now a multitude of tastes, shapes, colors and even colors are on the shelves.

But where do they come from and how are they made? How do hard corn kernels turn wonderfully into appetizing yellow pieces?

The answers can only be found in one way – by participating in this experience and by learning from our specialists the secrets that are hidden in puffs bags. Children discover what the ingredients are, what the production process looks like and how they get to the stores.

Once manufactured, children can take with them the packages made by their own hands. A fun job that costs MagicBani.

Financial impact: -10 MagicCoins / -1 ChocoCoin
Age: +4 years old
Values, as learnt: dilligence, perseverance, curiosity.
Skills acquired: motor skills, communication, orientation towards results.