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Destiny Park Army

Just like in the real world, in Destiny Park town too there is need for an army so that you can be protected against enemies. Heroes who have the courage to enroll in the Destiny Park army are duly trained to be expert defenders. First of all, children are explained the relevance of protecting those cannot defend themselves from aggressors and they are spoken about the honor of being a military. Then, the courageous visitors get information on the armament and the military technique. Destiny Park solders go through an intensive training for their interventions and they patrol around the park area where they manage the crisis of catching a dangerous enemy.

Financial impact: +10 MagicCoins
Age: +6 years old
Values, as learnt: intelligence, accountability, curiousness, dedication, collegiality, empathy
Skills, as duly acquired: motor skills, ability to work within a given team, setting up goals and objectives, orientation towards results.