Beauty salon ⋆ Destiny Park

Beauty salon

It is known that from an early age girls want to be brilliant, and boys want to be beautiful. Here, at the beauty salon in Destiny Park, children can let their imagination run wild and enjoy the magic of makeup palettes, try facial treatments (totally harmless) and test new hairstyles. Children who choose this activity have the opportunity to choose to be clients of the salon or to “work” as beauticians or stylists who do everything for those who want to pamper themselves in front of the mirror. During the activity, children are guided by people specialized in this field. Visitors have at their disposal all the elements that can be found in such a salon dedicated to adults in such a way that the experience is unforgettable, whether the little ones choose to “work” or enjoy services as customers. If the “employees” are rewarded in MagicBani for theur “work”, customers will have to pay, just like in the adult world.

Financial impact: Client: – 6 MagicBani // Employee: + 8 MagicBani
Age: Client: +4 years // Employee: +6 years
Learned values: talent, spontaneity, creativity.
Acquired skills: communication skills, creativity, teamwork, attention to detail